About our Team

We are the Awana International blogging team…and it will be a team effort. We will have guest bloggers from around the world from time to time. And as we talk about what each of us is passionate about, we we want to hear from you. How we can make this information relevant to you? What do you want to learn about the world of Awana International, and the world that is around us, in these 100 plus countries we minister in? Ultimately, it is all about reaching kids with the good news of Jesus Christ…and the means in which God has gifted us as an organization, to do that.

Tom Chilton is our International Trainer. We are doing a lot with learning how to equip ministry workers worldwide and empower them to reach the children in their community. He will address some of these issues and opportunities.
Carol Berry
is the person behind our international Awana program material. She speaks Spanish very well (having lived in Spain for more than ten years) and has an interest in helping parents in other cultures understand their biblical role as parents.
John Walton is the media guy and photographer. He’ll talk photography, the things he’s seen and the lessons the Lord has taught him through his travels for Awana. You may even pick up some photo tips you can use in your own photographic journey.
Robin Camerer is one of the admins for our department. She keeps in contact with many of the International field staff and missionaries and loves reading their newsletters. She’ll be keeping you informed of news and information about the Awana Ministry overseas.
Sandee Rhodes is the First Lady of Awana International and the Awana Ambassador to our field team. She travels with her husband Brian, and has a real heart for ministry to the wives and families of our international missionaries. I think you’ll hear a lot from her. She loves giving us a glimpse into the lives of these dear servants of the Lord.
Brian Rhodes is the Executive Director of Awana International. Well, simply put, that makes him our boss. But he has such a big heart and passion for the ministry that we joyfully and heartily get on the bandwagon and embrace his vision.

Wow! We have fun here at Awana International. And we hope you will come by often and let us tell you about it. Let us know too, how we can serve you and your Awana Club, and help your clubbers learn about missions overseas.

Keep in touch.